You can turn your garage from shabby to fabulous with a metallic epoxy garage floor in East Greenwich, RI. Rhode Island Garage installs a metallic coating system with a decorative pearlescent finish. Only our most artistic craftsmen install these floors to ensure that you get an iridescent finish in the hue and style of your choice. With nearly limitless color options, you can create a truly unique metallic epoxy garage floor. Additionally, we seal each floor with a glossy topcoat to create a flashy surface or matte finish for a more toned-down effect.

    Quality Metallic Garage Floor in East Greenwich

    Not only does it look great, but a metallic garage floor will protect the underlying concrete base. Made of resin, the coating lasts a long time. After we prepare the concrete surface, it binds chemically with the metallic coating. You don’t have to worry about cracks and holes in the concrete because we repair and seal them as part of the preparation process. Additionally, the polymer filling smooths out the surface, and we use a diamond tool to polish the metallic epoxy garage floor. It’s easy to slip and fall on a concrete garage floor due to spills and defects. However, metallic garage floors have a textured surface to help keep you on your feet. They also resist impacts and are extremely easy to clean.

    There are many reasons to invest in a metallic garage floor in East Greenwich
    • Refurbish pitted, cracked concrete flooring
    • Prevent slips and falls
    • Add a striking shine
    • Make cleanup easy

    Epoxy coatings are resistant to damage from chemicals, spills, and impacts. So, if your garage doubles as your hang out or workshop, a metallic garage floor might be the right answer to keep your space looking shiny and new.

    Dependable Metallic Epoxy Garage Floor Installation

    Get organized and invest in your garage to add value to your home. As a certified ORG home organization, Rhode Island Garage has over 15 years of experience creating gorgeous metallic garage floors. Operating out of a 6,000 sq. ft. facility, we have the staff, tools and fleet of trucks needed to schedule service at your convenience. You can trust our expert installers to fill every nook and cranny to protect and preserve the underlying concrete floor. Most importantly, we have nearly limitless variety of colors to choose from to match your particular style.
    Metallic floor
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    Do you want to find out what a metallic epoxy garage floor would look like in your East Greenwich home? Contact Rhode Island Garage today to schedule a free evaluation.
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