The garage can be a polarizing room in the home. In some households, the garage is the most used room, but in others, it’s not necessarily a place you would want to hang out. The explanation for this is fairly obvious: those who maintain an organized and controlled garage environment use the room every single day. Those who treat their garage as off-site storage for clutter and trinkets—well, they fear even taking a step into the room. Being in the business of custom garages, we at Rhode Island Garage are here to help you not only create your very own 100% custom garage but to walk you through the process of eliminating a cluttered, unused garage. We are going to offer some garage organization tips to get you on track with saving valuable garage space.

Before we dive into the pro tips, it is necessary to understand just why your garage is valuable. The word implies a financial incentive, which is very applicable here. Your garage space is money paid. At one point, you either built or bought the square footage, so make the most of it!

Additionally, the items you store in your garage hold great value: a functioning room protects your vehicle, tools, and sporting equipment and helps them hold value. People often enjoy using their garage for more than just vehicle or tool storage—in fact, we see many customers who think outside of the box and use the garage as a batting cage, putting green, climbing wall, or carpentry workshop. Building these alternate uses into your custom garage eliminates the need to rent space or time elsewhere and keeps that money in your pocket. It also eliminates travel time spent trying to drive to these locations.

The piece of mind that comes with a functioning garage is worth more than anything. An organized garage is less stressful: you can find your items quickly and without stepping over dusty clutter. Have you ever bought something at the store, only to find the same item buried in a box when you’re moving three years down the road? A clean garage would have eliminated that unnecessary purchase. Have you ever tripped over a fallen bicycle or box of Lego your kid has not used in two years?

You get the point… now it’s time to access the savings that come with a functioning garage. This process might seem daunting, but is well worth it in the end and, once complete, will leave you feeling like a weight has come off your shoulders. The beginning step is to clean up your existing space and take a solid inventory of what you have accumulated there. Start piling your stuff by category: sports, garden, construction, vehicle maintenance, holiday decoration storage; and take note of everything you find. This inventory list will help you with a purge as you find items you would like to either donate or dump.

Once you have trimmed the garage fat, the fun stuff begins. Now is the time to envision your dream space: an organized space that suits your needs specifically. How do you plan on using your room? It is ok to use the entire room for storage, just make sure you plan ahead and have a clear mental picture of how you want it to function and where you want to store everything. If you intend to use the garage as an activity space (workshop or driving range), think about where you want a work bench or netting to go. Of course, if you prefer the traditional scenario in which your garage is mainly used as a home for your vehicles, build your vision around this. Maybe this is the perfect scenario to think about ceiling storage above your vehicles.

Rhode Island Garage is here to take the vision you create and install the tools to bring it to life. Pick between our cabinet options to find the best material and colors for you. For all of our cabinets, we use ORG 3/4” vertical panels that are commercial strength and will stand the test of time. All cabinets are lifted off of the ground to prevent water and pest contamination.

Beyond cabinets, we have wire wall racks that can handle a fully customizable grid of handles, knobs, and baskets. They are strong enough to keep your bike aloft and off of the ground and grippy enough to hold virtually any gardening tool. We also offer customizable slat wall organizers that protrude less and maintain full customization options. As we mentioned earlier, once you have your wall storage dialed, look to the stars (literally). The area above your vehicles is often the least used part of a garage. Put it to use with our sturdy storage racks!

With our professional installation and product warranties, Rhode Island Garage is ready to help you follow this outline to achieve the garage you have always wanted. Do not waste any more time fearing a cluttered space, and take back your garage today by scheduling a free estimate!

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