There are over 400,000 automobiles registered in Rhode Island. How many of those do you think actually park in their own garage? If your garage looks anything like those of the wide majority of homeowners, there’s most likely no room in the garage for parking—it’s too full of stuff!

Many homeowners have, willingly or not, converted their garage into a haphazard first-come first-served storage center. Stuff is piled on top of other stuff and pressed into a corner when one is available.
To ease the clutter, we’ve assembled a list of commonly stored items and accompanying storage options to help motivate you to get things organized.

1. Tools

From shovels to screwdrivers to hammers to drills, there’s a rack that can hold them. Choose from single hooks, double hooks, and S-hooks. They mount on grid walls or slat wall racks.

2. Power Tools

There are also options for power tools that take care of the extension cords or battery chargers, including drills, saws, and more.

3. Ladders

These can be awkward to store in the garage, especially large extension ladders. You can choose from a wall mount rack or an overhead rack to get these up off the floor.

4. Sports Gear

You can find specially made storage options for golf bags, hockey gear, tennis racquets, and lacrosse sticks. For basketballs and soccer balls, we like using open bins for tossing the balls and then readily seeing them to grab when needed.

5. Bikes

Instead of setting these on the floor and taking up way too much space, wall and overhead racks are available for convenient out-of-the-way storage. The racks can also provide a convenient place for helmets.

6. Cleaning Supplies

All those sprays, soaps, and detergents you’ve left in the garage can be organized into tilt-out bins and shelves. You can store dangerous chemicals in a lockable cabinet to keep them out of reach of children.

7. Gardening Supplies

We recommend racks and hooks for organizing trowels and hand shovels, along with cabinets for fertilizers, potting mixes, and seeds. Tilt-out bins and shelves can be very helpful for a variety of items.

8. Car Stuff

Shelving and cabinets can come in useful for washer fluid, brake fluid, motor oil, degreaser fluid, polish, and wax. Socket wrench sets can be stored in pull-out drawers to help find exactly what’s needed. You may want to consider setting up a workbench if you’re a handy type. Large car items like winter tires can be stored overhead and out of the way until needed.

9. Chairs

Lawn chairs and folding chairs can be hung on special racks. That way you can easily access them when spring arrives or when guests drop by.

10. Seasonal Stuff

Overhead storage options are perfect for holiday decorations and other items that are in storage most of the year, making only brief appearances at Christmas, Halloween, or the 4th of July. Use neatly labeled opaque storage bins to hide the clutter.

If you’re looking for a place to finally park your car again, garage storage systems can make that happen.
Give us a call for a free on-site consultation. Once we have all the details, we use a 3D computer-aided design system to show exactly how your storage system will look. That gives you the opportunity to make any needed adjustments to suit your requirements perfectly.

Let’s get started. Contact Rhode Island Garage for a free on-site consultation and estimate.

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